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Service Learning

The service learning class or experience teaches us the importance of serving one's community, not only to better the people around us but also to better ourselves. Students have the choice of 12 different tracks that are linked to 12 different saints. These tracks cover different aspects of service, dealing with the sick, the elderly, the homeless, and so on. We work with classmates to help those who need it. In the end, however, we learn as much from them as they do from us.


Global Experience

The students at Holy Cross are truly taught to have a "Global Perspective" when approaching different issues not only for school but for later on in life as well. We start out by taking a Global Perspectives class, which teaches us to look at things with a global view, meaning thinking of things from other culture's perspective. After learning about different cultures, it is time to choose a different culture that will be where you fulfill your global experience. You have the choice of many different countries, such as, India, Ghana, France, Peru and others. These trips are taken over either winter break or summer break and are also preceded by a class designed to teach you a little bit about the culture and what to expect. After you take the trip, you must take a short follow up class, which is used as a reflection on what you learned. This experience is what makes Holy Cross truly unique. Most colleges do not require you to take a trip out of the country, but Holy Cross realizes that this experience will offer you a better perspective on yourself and the world around you.




First of all, I welcome all of you to my personal eFolio. You will find all of the aspects of my college life, plus the importance of what came before and what is coming after I graduate. One important note, my contact information is up to date, but if for any reason you cannot contact me using the information that is offered, then I offer my apologies, I could be between emails or phone numbers, and will update it as soon as possible. At Holy Cross College there are 4 pillars that help shape every student's experience, Service Learning, Global Perspective, Internship, and Capstone (Further descriptions of each pillar are located in the margins of this page). I will now discuss the 3 pillars that shaped my life before, during, and hopefully after my Holy Cross experience is finished.


Experience is the first of my personal pillars. It refers to the collection of all of the skills I have gained, not only at Holy Cross College, but throughout my life. Collecting and refining these skills is not, however, the most important thing to this pillar. It is knowing when and where to apply each skill. All of your skills and experiences are transferable given the right situation. For example, we all learned in preschool the importance of sharing with others and playing nice. These skill sets or experiences can be applied to the business environment. Knowing how to work in a team and tolerating others that you may not agree with are essential to accomplishing a task when put in a problem-solving team. These experiences, positive or negative, can be carried with you throughout your life to be utilized whenever they are needed to complete a problem or task.


This personal pillar refers to the different stages or points in your life where change is evident. The experiences you have at one stop on your journey can determine where your next point is going to take place. For example, when I was trying to figure out which high school I was going to attend after I graduated from grade school, I had no idea that the choice I made was ultimately going to push me in the direction I am currently traveling today. If I did not choose the high school I chose, I could be in a completely different location studying completely different subjects. Is it destiny? No, I do not believe it goes that far, but the places we are in our lives can shape where we are going in the future. The important aspect of "place" is trying to find what was the right place for you as an individual. You will not know, however, if the place you chose was the right one until it is time to move on to the next one. In summary, it is important to remember the places you have been and how they shaped where you are currently and where you are going in the future.


This is the third of my personal pillars and may be the most important. The legacy that you leave is felt by all. This statement refers to the lessons or accomplishments we leave behind that are felt by the people who come after you. This is felt on multiple levels. If you are on a sports team, it can be the transition from older players, when they graduate, to younger players who follow in their footsteps. The lessons that the older players have learned and the example they have set filters throughout the program and touches every member. The experiences that you leave behind when you travel to the next step in your journey are felt and can be utilized by the people who come after you. For example, if a boss has established a positive, efficient working environment, then after he or she leaves, the next employee who takes over the position may implement that same strategy because it had a positive effect on him. The reason this pillar may be the most important is because it does not only affect me but the people who come after me in a positive fashion.


The Internship

The internship program at Holy Cross is a very unique program in that it requires all students to have an internship completed before they can graduate. Most colleges recommend that students take advantage of an internship but many do not require them. Also, this program is very "hands on" from the standpoint that Holy Cross has someone helping you every step of the way if you need it. They help you find an internship that fits your interest and your schedule. Also they give you assignments allowing for more in depth reflection during your internship. Holy Cross uses its contacts in order to allow students the best opportunity to have an internship in the field they are most interested in. These internships provide students with valuable working experience and an opportunity to make important contacts that will help them after graduation.


The Capstone Presentation

The capstone presentation is the culmination of all of the experiences that students have gained from their time at Holy Cross. Students discuss, in a 35 to 45 minute presentation, what they have learned throughout their life and how Holy Cross has enhanced or transformed that way of thinking throughout their time at the college. Students preparing for their capstones must take a class that teaches them how to properly present their ideas to an audience. Another part of the capstone is the completion of an "eFolio" page which is to be reflected in your presentation. Each capstone is filmed and presided over by 3 panelists. One is the leader of the student's capstone group, another is an internal evaluator picked by the presenter and the third is an external evaluator, who is not employed by the school and is often in the field the student is interested in pursuing. This capstone provides another opportunity to meet some contacts and truly reflect on their time at Holy Cross. It also gives peers the opportunity to see how much the presenter has truly grown.

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